Grafting Palamatum to native maple

Has anyone experience with grafting . Palamatum . Japanese maple . To other maples . In my case I have a interesting . Acer rubrum . North American red maple . Collected this spring . It has a interesting root formation. Was collected from a rock crack . Still needs recovery time . The structure is almost all the root and base , so almost anything is possible style wise . The tree is not large . The hollowed section is not deadwood . But barked over . So one idea is to approach graft . A dwarf small leaf palamatum. Goal would be small leaf small tree . To not overpower the visual of the root . Thought . Welcome and any advice with experience . Approach grafting something like this

The issue I could think of would be the difference in bark. I reckon maple onto maple would work but you might just get to much of a difference in bark that it would be obvious

That is a concern . But I think I have a good candidate here . The tree came from a area of fairly smooth grey barked trees . ( there are smoother and rougher barked red maples ) my idea would be to approach graft very low close to the unique base . Therefore negating the difference as much as possible . But it is a concern . Thanks for your reply

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