Fungus on Japanese Maple


Can y’all help me out with identifying this mold/fungus and recommending treatment options? I did some Googling but I’m not seeing anything definitive. Thanks for any assistance!

White powdery mildew, not harmful.
Not sure where you live, but have a look around at the maples in your area, especially Big leaf maple, if they you have them in your area. You should see very similar mildew.


Thanks! I do have another Japanese Maple with a lot more of this on it and the leaves seem to be shriveling, curling, and dying. Should I treat with something?

Did you read the link I attached before?
It has the info you need :+1:t2:

Would that include field maples? I believe you call them hedge maples. I don’t grow them because of them always getting mildew. I have had success in treating with diluted milk but as the years are getting wetter this didn’t seem as effective this year so I ditched the tree rather than have it spread to other trees such as the hornbeams. I don’t know if any of those products are available in the UK.

Yes, I believe this would include field maples.
I have found that if I over water, the mildew will be more abundant. So I really watch my watering on the maples.

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