First repot from field soil to bonsai soil with pines

Hy there

Does someone know any video, forum post, ect… about how to first repot a pine from the field (which was dug up and put into a garden container) into a bonsai container?
As i watched videos about this i mostly found deciduous trees and they are mostly ok with a drastic cutback of roots and removal of all soil.
I have 2 pines from the field and would like to learn how to safely transfere them to bonsai containers, i hope you can help me with this.

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One thing with pines and conifers, never remove all of the native soil. The mycelium in the soil and the tree have a symbiotic relationship. I can go in depth, Ryan has talked about this in many videos and the process involved.
You might try “Repotting Yamadori” video in the library

Repotting Conifers | Bonsai Mirai Lots of material and basic physiology on how and why.

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Saw this Top-Down Bonsai Repotting Technique for Field-Grown Trees - Tom Fincel at Farm To Table - BSOP - YouTube

Great help, thank you guys, exactly what I’m looking for :+1: