Ficus Defoliation

Hey Mirai forum!!
I have a Ficus, I’m located in Perth Australia and normally at this time of year in Summer ALOT of bonsai clubs are defoliating their Ficus.
I nervous about doing this. Does anyone else follow this practice?

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I would suggest partial defoliation. I recommend you watching the videos “Partial defoliation strategy”. In this video Ryan comments about full defoliation as well. I know that a lot of people fully defoliate their tropical trees but i think even with tropical trees you don’t need to put them in so much stress. You will get the same results with partial defoliation as well, maybe perhaps it takes 1-3 years more…

But especially if you are nervous about it, start with partial defoliation and observe how the tree response. With tropical trees you get the feeling for them pretty fast…

Regarding the time i have now idea because i live on the northern hemisphere but i would do it the same way like i would with decidious trees and would make a “post-harden prune”. So i would do the partial defoliation after the new growth has hardened off which could be different times with tropical trees, depending if you use artifical light, etc. But beginning summer should be a good time. Perhaps protect it afterwards from too much sun and heat.


There is a stream specifically about Ficus by Juan Andrade in library which I think might discuss defoliation for Ficus.


Ryan and some recommend partial defoliation. Others in very warm and humid locations seem very comfortable with repeated full defoliations.

I think as long as you don’t go overboard with frequency a full defoliation wouldn’t kill a ficus, but I personally do not do them as I dont see what benefit there is in a full as opposed to a partial. Partial defoliation still seems to do every bit as good for refinement and triggering new growth.

IIRC Juan in the video above recommends partial as well by removing most of the leaves on the interiors and leaving some leaves on the tips of branches. Its a great video and well worth the watch for yourself though.

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Thank you all for taking the time to reply!!
I very much appreciate it :raised_hands:
I’ll go and watch the video now.

Many thanks

@Twisted @SkeiL @bentleythekid I watched the video. It was extremely helpful!!
I feel comfortable to perform a partial defoliation.

Thanks for you help