Fertilizing and squirrels

I have a question about using « bio gold » solid type fertilizer. I am pretty new in the hobby, but so far, my attempts at using solid « piles » of fertilizer as described by Ryan have been unsuccessful. What I mean is by the next day, a lot of them are gone even if covered by the little “cages. Probably squirrels, birds…Most people I know locally seem to be using liquid fertilizers (organic or not…)…it would seem that the fertilization regimen would be a lot harder to dose…(I think they fertilize weekly since there is more “loss “ in the liquid form…
What do you guys do, are there any tricks to keep the solid fertilizer in place? I have not used the teabags yet, would it be an answer?

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Paper tea bags with a toothpick or a small nail in it seem to keep the critters away for me (so far).

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Hi @Benwa
Squirrels are a serious adversary!
There are squirrel repellent spray, although I don’t know what they would do to a tree, there are additives like chilli flakes or garlic spray which should be ok. Then you are looking at ultrasonic scarers or just wrapping everything in chicken wire. You could also try a feeding station away from your trees. Good luck!

Repellant spray DOES NOT WORK and has a sickening stink to it::face_vomiting:. Tried it 2018 and the little monster still destroyed all 8 cones I had on my pines even tho they were soaked in the miserable stuff:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:! As for fertilizer I use only liquid water mixed non stinking inorganic kind and it works splendidly. All trees in development fertilized once a week during growing season till fall rains start and watering ends. Single flush pines get it twice a week AFTER needle harden off to encourage back budding and ramifying buds for next year. Always full strength:wink:.

The thing with squirrels and deer, is that any repellants need to be introduced into the habitat before any eating and collecting habits or patterns start.
For example, you have found that a deer has been chewing away at some lovely fresh green foliage, it is too late to apply any deterrent, the habit or pattern has been formed.
I have found that being proactive and applying or placing repellants will increase the effectiveness.
Good luck to all :metal:t2::evergreen_tree::grinning: