Fertilizer after wiring

I just did my first major wiring to my Shimpaku. More for structural (primary branches, nothing with the trunk)and setting the branches up for success. I know this cause stress on the tree and was wondering if fertilizing after the wiring will make the tree weaker. Any thoughts or experience would be much appreciated!

Don’t listen to me because I am guy who will toss on fertilizer cakes after a repot.

That being said I would assume that you would be ok to fertilize.


Yes. Dont see a reason not to. Unless it is in refinement, which I assume it is not. You are using organic fertilizer (Biogold type)? Don’t over apply inorganic…
Watch the Mirai library’s juniper videos. From the oldest first… and, dont prune the elongated whips until fall! Let em run!

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Yep using bio gold! Yea the tree is still in development so I will be letting most stuff grow besides the crotch growth that won’t be replacing anything.