Fabricating a few turntables

Super score today!:metal:t2:
Now it’s time to fab up a few turntables​:blush::+1:t2:
I love scoring items to repurpose! Found 7 salon chairs an hour south of me and the price was right.
Never hurts to search Craigslist for great deals, sometimes free deals😊


Woah! That’s a seriously awesome find! Damn, nice one!


That is a great find. Make sure to post the finished product as well!


I’ve had some fun in the past! Definitely not as adjustable but just as fun


Decided to make a turntable out of adjustable stools. So I bought a pair of hydraulic adjustable stools with a platform base.
Bought the 2ft table top at Home Depot.
I plan to use one as a work stool, and the other be fitted with a 2 foot diameter wood top with textured weatherproof paint and some eye bolts below to secure pots and trees.
I was drooling over the beautiful turntables available in the store, but I have to stay within my allowance and if I spend it all on a turntable, I have to skip workshops and acquiring plants
when they are available. I bought a second 2ft table top and am going to install a lazy susan to use on tabletop or bench top. The waterproof textured paint I use has weathered several years on the deck of my sailboat, so it is pretty rugged. I have invested less than $100 in this winter project… just in time for Christmas!! I need to clean the corrosion off my steel square.:pensive:


Finally got the two turntables put together. A wonderful gift from my wife! The top is a lazy susan turntable to be used on a table or workbench. The lower one is on a hydraulic stand to adjust the height. And the stool is adjustable as well. Placed eye bolts below to secure tree and pot at an angle.

The tree on the turntable is the tree I was gifted when I retired. It is still alive and doing well. The container is a DaSu slab.


Have and done yet? Looking forward to an update to see how they turn out. :heart_eyes:

Not done yet, I’ve been working a lot.
I did design a bottom supporting plate similar to the green-t worktable. It will be machined from 1/4” aluminum then powder coated black.
Of course, I’ll keep you all updated. :evergreen_tree::metal:t2::grinning:

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Any update on this design? Really cool, hope to see pics!

I have been very busy with work. Just finished
2 projects, one was just over a year long, then I was on to a 3 month project with a tight schedule with long hours.:grimacing:
I’m hoping to get some time off around May🤞🏻
Don’t stop moving :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::evergreen_tree::mount_fuji::love_you_gesture:t2::grinning: