European Hornbeam

Hello everyone, this is my Hornbeam collected in 2017 from a pasture field (probably the tree would have been cut down on regular field cleanings). It was first pruned this spring, but I wan’t to cut the heavy branches marked with red in the summer until than I leave them to accumulate resources.
What are your thought’s?


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Nice tree! I am just wondering why you want to leave those branches on until the summer? I don’t think this is a good idea. Those branches will start to grow new shoots this spring, and if you come back and prune them off midsummer you will be causing serious harm to the tree. Because any tree you collect should be allowed to grow freely to heal/gain strength/grow roots.

I suggest you remove those branches now, before the tree starts growing. This way the tree will put all of its stored energy into growing new branches where you want them. If you do leave these branches, then wait until one year from now to prune them off… spring 2019. Never ever prune a tree you have just collected during its first growing season, especially in the summer.

You are right Mike, Bonsai is not a drag race. I will leave the thick branches on, fertilize heavily this season to build up energy and cut them next spring prior bud push.

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