European beech air layer

Hi guys,

Does anyone have experience with air layering european beech? I’ve found some excellent material in a friends garden with 3-4 inch bifurcating trunks and looking to take some air layers this coming spring.

Any tips and tricks/nuances of this particular species? Any particular optimal time to attempt it and any experience of how long they typically take to grow roots if successful?

Many thanks!

Hi Chris, sorry for not responding earlier, I had meant to.
It is best done in spring just as the buds are swelling and before they open. It is a simpler process than other deciduous trees.
Cut a small channel round the trunk where the air layer is to be taken. Then remove the ring of bark. Dust the channel with hormone powder, use a thick piece of wire that fits snugly into the groove and tighten it. Use plastic and moss to cover it ensuring rain / water can enter and drain and wait…
It can take up to two years to get a set of roots so patience is the key. They are normally successful.
Hope that helps.

Hi @ChrisHallewell,
I have air layered beech- it will go.
I did find the new growth roots to be fairly random, so you may want to peak mid way through the process to re cut for better distribution.