Emergency re-potting , best practice?

Hello Mirai-Community,

question regarding emergency re-potting. Today a storm took down my white pine, separating it and all soil from the pot. My plan of action is to re-pot now without disturbing the remaining soil on the root ball and just adding/chopsticking with new soil after standard pot preparation? Any thoughts or suggestions for this?
Adding root hormone to the water?



I cannot speak for pines, but that sounds like a good approach. If the pot became separated from the root ball, go ahead and replace the anchor wires. As for the rooting hormone, I have Miracle Gro Quick Start readily available, so I’d give it a good 15 minute soak in a solution mixed according to label directions.

If anyone mentions Superthrive, we’re going to have words. :rage:


And keep it in a greenhouse for at least a couple of weeks, or morning sun only.


I had a black pine that was planted in a stone and 110 mph straight line winds blew it tumbling across my yard. At least it did not get hit by my neighbors glass patio table!
So I have experience with emergency re-potting.

The tree must be carefully stabilized and put in an area of protection. In my ingnorance I placed an oil can under the trunk to stabilize the tree in the stone, and my tree has been known as that “oil can tree” for a decade.
Good luck. I built a protected area the following year to avoid a repeat performance,

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Thank you guys for the input. It is back in the pot with a s much of the old soil as possible.
Not to start words now Bill, but only thing available in this garden is Rhizotonic.