Elaeagnus pungens (silverthorn)

I realize that Silverberry is another common name for this plant but I’ve seen the thorns, whereas I have not seen the berries.

Does anyone have experience with this tree?
I have found this video from the Pacific Bonsai Museum:
and this one from Japan:

My understanding from the videos is that larger leaves are removed during the growing season, followed by complete defoliation to expose the winter silhouette. Presumably sweetly scented flowers in the fall are followed by white berries in the winter. I am somewhat confused by discussion of winter hardiness.

Ryan mentioned E. pungens (almost as an aside to Sam) towards the end of a presentation but I have been unable to find any detailed treatment information. I am looking at the Deciduous Fall videos but unclear on the timing to defoliate. Is it possible to enjoy the flowers, the berries and the winter silhouette in succession or does defoliation reduce the options?

Any advice would be appreciated.

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