Dothistroma treatment

Dothistroma has developed on some of my pines. I checked ebay for Daconil since Ryan has mentioned it as being the solution. I found a product which can be shipped to Sweden, is the product in the link the same as the Daconil Ryan is talking about?


Daconil’s active ingredient is Chlorothalonil. Daconil doesn’t list Dothistroma as one of the diseases it controls. Phyton 27 and Phyton35 are the only fungicides of the several (19) I’ve looked into, that list Dothistroma as being controlled.

A couple websites suggest that Copper or Mancozeb can be used to prevent Dothistroma, but neither of those list it either.

Go to or to find labels for everything I’ve mentioned.

For further reading:

Good list. Good info. Thnx.