Disease ID, pH or Care Adjustment?

This problem is affecting the leaves of my deciduous and broadleaf evergreen plants. It begins by browning at the leaf tip and progresses thru the entire leaf over a few weeks time. I have lost entire trees due to this but usually the problem defoliates the tree then it regrows new healthy leaves and continues to grow like nothing ever happened. I’ve read that anthracnose can cause defoliation and then regrow new leaves but it doesn’t seem to follow the progression of anthracnose and I’ve not found any photos matching my symptoms. Not positive that it’s a fungal disease. Would a high pH produce these symptoms and would a pH problem affect some species but not others? Overwatering? I have some plants that show no symptoms at all. Is anyone familiar with these symptoms? Any success in dealing with it?

i am having a similar thing on a few of my maples, I think its either weather related, or water related, I have been on top of my fungicides this year.

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