Pyracantha Health Identification

Hi guys,

i have this little pyracantha which is doing fine in general but i find the form of the leaves a little bit disturbing. As you can see on the pictures all the foliage is more or less in a halfpipe shape along the vein and not really a flat leaf.

The tree was repotted this spring. It hat a very compacted soil but now it is well draining and watering seems fine as well.
From time to time some leaves turn yellow and fall off but besides that the tree is in good health. But i remember when i bought the tree two years ago the leaves were definitely more flat and not so narrow halfpipe shaped.
Does anybody have an idea if this is a lack of some special mineral or something else?

Thank you for your ideas.

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It looks like it either too wet or it has been getting too hot. Make sure to let it dry a bit between waterings


It looks like you’re watering a little too much. Pyracanthas hate their roots being disturbed so it could still be recovering from that. I would remove the berries so as not to take too much energy from the tree. Some leaves will inevitably die as that’s the way evergreens replace old leaves. Have you also checked for spider mites or other nasty bugs?


Thanks for your advice. I had the same thoughts with the fruits and removed them yesterday. I will water it a little bit less from now on and see how it’s developing.
Do you think i can get some problems with too much leaves dropping as we are going into early fall in my region? I am afraid that the tree will have not enough foliage to get through winter. Is it better to put the tree inside over fall/winter instead of greenhouse to make it push new foliage already in winter or will this stress the tree too much?

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Hi @SkeiL . Haven’t had much time lately to spend on here. How is the tree doing now, has it recovered at all?
As long as your greenhouse is draught free it should be fine in there but don’t put it away too early.

Hi @Keith-in-UK
the tree is doing better. it lost most of its foliage and is now pushing out new growth. This is the current status:

The tree is still a mystery to me. It still drops ca. 20% of the new growth right after it flushed and the leaves still get brown tips but as long as it keeps pushing i hope it will get to the next year. Not sure if it’s still recovering from the repotting but i hope so and i hope it will be all good next year then.

The foliage looks healthier though. What are the drainage holes like? Some pots tend to hold onto a layer of water in the bottom of the pot which means the roots could be sat in water too long.
Before watering do you check both the top and the bottom to see if it’s dry? Or another way is to use a matchstick and push into the soil. Leave it for 20 mins and when you take it out if it’s still wet the tree doesn’t need watering for a while.