Desperate - Mt. Hemlock browning needle issue

I have an Mt. Hemlock that I collected 20 years ago which has been doing great. However, about a week ago several needle bundles suddenly turned brown. Each needle in the bundle turned brown with no green at all. When I say suddenly I am talking within hours. I can’t for the life of me think of anything I have done that might have caused this. I am scared beyond belief that my tree is dying. I removed the dead needles and washed the foiler mass just to be on the safe side in case something had gotten on them to cause the problem. Then today I found a few more needles.

Any suggestions are appreciated … Desperate Hemlock

Hi @anderson.ppc
Can you post a picture of the tree?
Where are you growing the tree?
When was it last re-potted?
What has the weather been like?
My treatment for sick trees is to put them on the ground in the shade, give a good watering and then only water when the soil begins to dry out.

Here is a picture that I show a couple of needles that are examples of what I was seeing in my description, except the needles were completely brown. The tree sits on a four-foot-high fence with a hedge that protects against wind.
It gets a lot of SE sun and was re-potted last year. The weather has been partly sunny too sunny. The location of the tree hasn’t changed in ten years.

I am limited to one picture but could send another later.

Thanks for your help.