Cypress repotting

I have a Cameacyparis Obtusa and understand that cypress have to be repotted in January.
It’s a nursery stock and I slip potted it in to a large training pot 1year ago.
I would like to get it in to a smaller ceramic pot now so my question is.
I live in western Norway zone7-8 and don’t have a greenhouse.
Can I do the repot now and be safe that the tree will survive?

Hi Trond, I would wait. I always do mine between end of March to end of April (I live in the North UK). If there is a late frost then it gets put in the greenhouse overnight. I am intrigued but how do you protect it from severe cold weather?

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As i wrote I have no place to protect it so it’s outside all year. We don have the standard Norwegian whether with extreme cold but can have short periods of -10celsius.
The reason I asked is because I saw a stream and Ryan said the have to be repotted very early because Mediterranean species start growing very early.

Keep it in mind that a trees growth habit will vary based on the environment it is growing in so if you are still getting -10deg cold spells I would wait. At the very least wait until the tree shows signs of new elongating growth.


You also have to keep in mind that the average low at Mirai is for January about 2C and the record low is -10C. In addition, they are at 46 degrees N latitude (about the middle of France) so the daylight hours are longer, earlier in the spring than for those of use living further north.


I would not repot this year unless you have to. If you slip potted I would allow the tree to grow one more year before doing any root work and repotted. Just my two cents.