Creating deadwood on nursery stock Norway Spruce

Hello all,

I have a nursery stock Norway spruce that I am planning on doing the initial repot this spring, and then wait til fall or next spring to do the styling/ wiring. I want to turn the top of the dead into deadwood, as I’ve seen Ryan do in a couple videos but I don’t want to overtax the tree right after a repot.

Is deadwood creation similar to a major cut “energy-wise” for the tree? Meaning will the tree devote a lot of resources trying to “heal” the deadwood? I am wondering if I can make the deadwood right away, or if I should wait until the initial styling.


leave as much foliage on the tree (that isn’t creating structural flaws) as you can if your going to repot. The more area you have photosynthesizing the more resources the tree can put into root recovery.