Cork Bark soiline question

So I am getting ready to re-pot this tree and have removed part of the pot to find the flair point.
This is what I have found and it looks not good with no cork. Will the trunk below the soil line that I exposed develop cork over time? Should I air layer it?
Advice, please?

Hi Wuelfman
It is doubtful that the area which has been below the surface will develop corking. However, I would forget that since it looks like a very good candidate for a triple trunk, I would air layer it just below the widest point of the trunk where the three branches grow. This will avoid reverse taper and give a good opportunity for developing good nebari.

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I would too suggest air layer at the point @At01Dcdf1 mentioned but surely wouldn’t keep the third trunk or rather branch. I see twin trunk with beautiful movement esp on pic no 4!!

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The reason to keep all three branches at the point of air layering is to encourage rooting all round the base of the trunk. Once you have good nebari (two or three years after potting up) you could remove the smallest trunk if you wish.


Regardless of whether you decide to air layer or not, the cork will definitely fill in on the trunk that used to be under the soil line. Not particularly quickly but it would eventually match up to the trunk above.