Clump Style Vine Maple - Help me pick a front

I have some thoughts, but I’d like to know what then Mirai Live community thinks about the possible fronts. I’ve done some basic cleanup, but plan on leaving the rest of the (possible) crossing branches for this growing season as this is a fresh repot into a rather shallow container. I’ll take care of them later once I have a definitive front.







My personal preference would be “A”. I think it offers the best view into the interior of this clump, and has a nice spacing between each trunk. The lines are nice, and everything flows outward, with a nice wide base for the silhouette. I don’t like “B” because I feel like the main trunk is hidden, and everything is too squished together. “C” is OK, being similar to “A”, but the big root in the middle is distracting for me. “D” gives a weird inverse taper feel, and “E” looks a bit too squished, like “B”. I think A has the best base and best lines, and the best spacing. I think that’ll be an interesting clump in the future. Nice.

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I like pic A and D, but I’m just going off eye appeal

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Yeah I think A is my first choice these days. When I originally potted it a few days ago, I had my front as E because that put the main trunk forward the most.

It’s hard to see in the photos but photos A and E are the only ones where the main trunk moves slightly forward. In all the others it’s moving away. Of course that can be changed in the next repot with an angle change, but I’m thinking A with a slight angle change to push that apex a bit more to the left on the next repot.

A also feels a tad too 2 dimensional, but a minor rotation should clear that up.