Cedrus Atlantica question

Does anyone have any idea or know what this is. This is specialty cultivar “Hortsmann” though I don’t think that matters since all blue atlas are. It was transplanted into this pond basket about a month ago. It has protection from cold, but we had a 48 hour period with highs of 7 degrees and -10 F as a low. It was and has remained out of the wind since. My deodar and atlas on its own roots are dropping needles too. I guess I’m asking if anyone has seen this before and if it will bounce back or is this a result of root damage.

My experience is that blue atlas cedars can be a bit finicky about their roots. I had a nice small one die as a result of a moderate repot, but have also bare rooted nursery stock and had them thrive. If the roots froze after repotting I think your tree may not recover. However, I would keep it from freezing, water as it starts to dry out, and hope for the best.

I see. That’s unfortunate… I too have done by Mirai stands, severe root work on nursery cedars without consequence. If there is anything else please let me know. Thanks.

I should clarify. I meant I have removed about 90 percent of nursery soil, and ONLY trimming back damaged roots. Again just to clarify.