Blue atlas cedar to or not to repor

Hi everyone,

So I was planning to finally get this blue atlas into a bonsai pot this year but it looks like I didn’t ensure too water well enough over the winter and since it’s super root bound the water didn’t penetrate and there some browning and old needle die off. The buds look like they want to go but haven’t. Would you suggest proceeding with repot or is it too week and I should just slip pot and repot next year.


What a cool little tree! “The Wanderer” :heart_eyes:

Sounds like one of the better reasons to repot :+1:t3: refreshed soil and percolation will help it recover

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I would do a repot, but make sure you leave the shin. Work a chopstick through the shin in a few places to allow water to penetrate, but focus on getting the outer roots strengthen. For the record I have bare rooted C. atlantica glauca with good luck and lots a nice tree with a routine repot so be prepared.


Personally I wouldn’t repot this spring with it being weak. Instead, I’d clean the topsoil off to help percolate water the rest of the year. The video library should have an example of Ryan performing this on a tree that wasn’t percolating water well.