Buttonwood question

Hello All!
I picked up this buttonwood over the summer, did some basic styling and worked on carving the deadwood. We have had some cool nights, below the 50’s, so felt I should bring it inside. It has been under bright LED lights inside for about 2-3 weeks and I am starting to see some leaf drop and discoloration. I did not see any pests under my loop. Is this disease or do you think it is reacting to the change in environment? I am, however, getting new growth during that time as well…
Thanks for your help!

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Idk, but that’s a cool buttonwood. Subbing to this thread since I’ve considered adding one to my collection. I’m worried about having to bring it indoors though. Unfortunately I don’t have anything to add to the thread. :slightly_frowning_face:

Thanks! I haven’t had a buttonwood in ages so forgot how they responded to bringing them inside. I do think it is a good sign that I have new growth. Hope to get some insight from others in the group.

Temps hit sub 45 here with wind chills in the 30’s yesterday and my BW can into the house for the winter last night. I have only had it a few years but it, and all my other topicals that I overwinter in the house will slowly start to look terrible. They are just not happy inside. They will loose almost all leaves and I’ll see new larger paler ones set out. Then in spring when they go outside they will shed again and grow strong in the sun and with the onset of the summer heat.

Thanks Moon! That’s what I thought but wanted to make sure.