Bougainvilleas Plaque

Any idea what is plaquing these bougainvilleas ad how to treat? Possibly wind burn?

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Don’t think it is wind burn, that tends to be on the tips or edges. Could it be cat pee? Looks like some kind of spray. I haven’t grown Bogey, so I’m just guessing.

I don’t think it’s cat urine, these are on a stand elevated.

Is there anything underneath the leaves? Anything living in that curled up leaf? I once had this bug that would only eat the “skin” from the bottom of the leaves.

Have you had any unusually cold nights? Low 40’s or high 30’s? Might have been frost damage on some of those, but not all.

Looks like Bacterial Leaf Spot. Best defense is to prune the diseased leaves and flowers, and keeping the leaves dry to avoid spread of the bacteria. See attached PDF for reference.

Any updates? I have a couple of bougies and would be interested to know what happened.

The cold spells seem to be keeping the plaque at bay. The leaves are either dropping or clearing up it seems on their own. I will be post a pic later.

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