Bald Cypress Winter

Hi guys,

I am not sure if it was mentioned and I am sure that they can’t tolerate such temperatures as a Larch, Spruce or Pine. But, what sort of precautions should I approach regarding winter storage of a bald cypress?

I have an Olive, and that will go into a hallway with windows that is around 8-10C and I’m not sure if the Bald can handle the winter outside if temperatures drop to around -10 & -7C on average with the possibility of a couple weeks with -14C.

Would be happy to get your experiences, thanks.

Bald cypresses are hardy to zone 4, so they should (in theory) be okay down to at least -28C. In practice, I’d try to keep them at -20C or warmer assuming they’re in containers.

Assuming your BCs are in containers, you can’t go wrong with normal outdoor winterizing: keep them out of the wind, water them a few days before any extra cold drops, and if you’re being extra careful, set them on the ground and mulch around them up to the rim of the container (but not on top of the soil).

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That’s awesome, then it should be fine in my winter cold frame out of the wind. We never get beyond -20C at least for the 7 years I’ve lived here (Brno).

Thanks a lot for your reply and experience :slight_smile:

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Hi @hierophantic,

just one question in matter of outdoor winterizing. Why no mulch on top of the soil?

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@Skeil: you can mulch over the top if you want! But I wouldn’t want a bunch of organic material clogging up my nice substrate, fertilizing during the winter, or changing water flow through the root system. :wink:

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@hierophantic: Ah, yeah. That’s right. I’m just so freaking scared every winter :smiley: But we don’t get colder temperatures than -20 for a few days, so this shouldn’t be a problem. Thanks.

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I’m glad that they can be left outside if protected, I have a tall slender one that wouldn’t be so easy to keep in an unheated hallway for example : )

Good point with the clogging of the substrate.

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Completely understand re: scared. Living in the US south, though, I’m starting to fear summer more than winter. It’s a big shift. Our green babies do not like extremes!