Asymmetry mentions Nick Lenz

Latest Asymmetry Tom Benda podcast info concerning Nick Lenz’s status: I am a long time friend and student of Nick Lenz. During the the recent Assymetry Benda podcast Nicks status was mentioned so I thought I would give a little info as to his status: Nick contributed many innovative articles in the 1980s and 1990s, mostly through ABS. Back in the hay-day after the publication of his book (Bonsai in the Wild-1997) Lenz images started to appear on line and profiles of his work could be found in places such as The Art of Bonsai Project. During these years he created prolifically in both bonsai composition and ceramics. His work was sold to and donated to students and gardens by necessity to make room for more but always maintained an amazing personal collection. He did a little traveling on the bonsai curcuit but preferred to be home. Nick taught from his home mostly in a loose workshop format–students learned to bring select beer contributions. Nick, while an avid and storried letter and email writer, never maintained a website nor a social media page, was never a promoter or a bonsai king-pin but rather proceeded as an artist and shared as an artist, his greatest gift.
Nick, after years of of parring down his collection, disseminated his remaining bonsai (to students) in 2018 and retired from maintaining bonsai. Not but a few years before this he also stopped pottery. His main motivation, as described to me, was all the trudging around and carrying things became a insufferable burden and he hated bugging others for help yanking and toting and flipping big pots. In 2019 Nick was honored with a special tribute and retrospective show(The eccentric artisty of Nick Lenz at the National Bonsai and Penjing Museum 2019) Since 2018 Nick irregularly maintains private consulting and teaching with a few select demented students but otherwise lives a genteel life in his ancient New Engand home and does a little painting on the side for fun.


Thank you for the extra info. I have heard stories from Jim Doyle from Natures Way Nursery. Nick Lenz sounds like an awesome personality.

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Thank you for the background and extra info - I didn’t know if he was still around. Glad to hear he is still teaching and creating, if not bonsai, paintings. Wonderful artist and apparently, teacher ( at least one really gifted student, from the look of your instagram posts! I am a fan :blush: )

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