Are my trees leafing out early, what should I do?

Do these pictures indicate these trees may be leafing out? If so, is it too late to have them go back into dormancy for the rest of winter.

This is on two really small trees (saplings, if I’m being honest). I’m not seeing it on my larger deciduous trees.
All trees are stored on north side of house away from sun. They honestly get so little sun.
It’s been relatively cold, last 7 days highs were: 36,28,30,34,47,53,45,47
Last 7 days lows were: 23,18,16,20,25,38,32
Zip code is 80007.
Nothing seems unusual or out of the ordinary to see bud break like this.

So I’m very confused! These look like buds breaking to me.

Should I put them in the fridge (yes they will fit, yes my wife won’t be thrilled…)
Should I keep them warm and let them break buds (and end up nurturing them for the next 90 days… sigh…)

What to do, what to do?

Going to put this up on the Member Q&A for Ryan but by the time I hear a response a whole week could have passed.

Thank you in advance!

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Neglected to mention they spend most of their time in my garage, so temps are probably a fair bit warmer in there. But not much daylight to speak of through small garage door windows.

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You are having (EBB) Early Bud Break.
All is not lost, I found this Info on what to do.

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