Aluminum Identification Marking Tags and Tracking

Just curious how many Miraians use these tags, and how do you code them? Also, what is the best way to track the trees in a collection. I am using a spreadsheet right now, but would prefer a template that allows inclusion of evolution photos. Used Powerpoint in the past, but it gets cumbersome.


I’ve got a PDF app that allows me to pretty much create a book with as many pages as I want. I can place text and/or photos however I want on the individual pages. It’s easy to edit, add or subtract content or whole pages. Some apps are easier to use than others and all don’t share the same tools or capabilities. I’ve used it for tattooing for years so it was easy for me to replicate the same idea for bonsai rather than tattoos. I’ve got a coding system that’s very easy to navigate and then using the PDF app I’ve got the specific information and corresponding photos to match each code. I keep it on my iPad but the app is set up to literally print the pages like a book.


i am using Apple note app and create one note for each of my trees including pictures.
I have also started a note where i put down all care information for each species, so i can look it up at any time on my i phone.

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Thank you; interesting approach. I will look into an iPhone/iPad app

here is, how it looks like (screenshot)

Nice! I have been using an Excel spreadsheet to track my trees, but there are limitations. Thank you.

I just asked this elsewhere and many people recommended After using it for a few weeks, I recommend it too. The free version is more than enough. It is like a spreadsheet with searchable records and you can add pictures of your trees as well. And it is all stored on the cloud so you can access it from your phone if you’re in the garden and want to make a quick note. Highly recommended.



Hmm interesting, I may give that a go. I was starting to use Evernote to catalog my trees, but I found myself flaking on that and not keeping it up to date. I was about to pick up a paper journal, but maybe I’ll give AirTable a go.

I’ve been using this on my phone to track my trees. It’s a simple but complete little app. It allows for pictures and notes, but it’s a little weird on getting species care calenders uploaded. I’ll give Air Table a try, if only to see if it’s a better fit.

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So far I’m liking AirTable. There is a bit of upfront work to get started (for those unfamiliar with spreadsheets), but I feel like this will definitely fix one of my main issues with Evernote (which was the lack of structure). We’ll see how it goes, but I’m hopeful that this one might stick for me personally.

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I’m playing with AirTable as well; helped that I could import my spreadsheet.

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For those of you using Airtable, I see that there is a good bit of upfront work to get organized, is there a way to import someone else’s structur/layout (yours) into my app for me to get started ?
Or is there an existing recommended layout to start with?

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At expo bonsai there was a guy selling tags for trees. They are the same as the micro tags you have on pets, so can be used as a security tag to identify your trees, i suppose you could use these instead of the “metal tags” at mirai. They are invisible unless you have a reader.
I have a couple of metal tags I made from copper sheet for a couple of trees that have. They are two oaks that have great meaning to me because my daughter planted them and they are mixed into a forest group, so they are not lost.

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