Acer Palmatum shohin/bark

I have this young maple that I am trying to develop into a shohin which I now have 2 questions about, would you now in the coming spring pot into a bonsai pot considering the primary branch structure is set or give it another year?

My second question is the bark, as pictured it appears to be ‘flaking’? Will this recover, die back? Unsure what has caused it perhaps sun damage… any help is truly appreciated.

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If you are happy with the thickness of the trunk and you want yo work on branch refinement go ahead with repoting to bonsai pot. If you wish the trunk to thicken more let it grow wild.

Flaking bark aka turning from green to pale grey on maple is ageing.
Keep bonsaing :slight_smile:

Thanks @CoffeeCherry for confirming about the flaking bark, as for the trunk thickness, I would like the base to thicken more so may leave it in the box for another year. Bonsai-ing I shall :blush:

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