A deer cart also a posssible yamadori cart

This is a deer hunting cart sold by Cabela’s/Bass Pro Shops. They say it is good for 300 lbs. There is even a more heavy duty model. Given that this tool is designed for work in the bush, its application for removing yamadori may work quite well and possibly revolutionize the process. I just purchased the lighter model and have not field tested it yet but I am confident that it will work quite well.


oh hell yeah. my buddy uses a bakback that looks like this, and that seems pretty effective. In oth cases there is the issue of flattening the possibly hurting the tree next to the handle (or back in the backpack).

I hope those wheels are good going down shear mountain slopes!

Let me know how it works out

Yugen, by lowering the end of the cart on the right side thus raising the left end, it will level out the load. You could also pad the bottom with an old piece of carpet or foam. I live in Toronto, Canada. Our bonsai season is coming to an end with consistent below freezing temperatures. I am sure a tool built for the bush will work well.

this makes me so happy to think of the look on the face of some hunter at a ranger station when he sees this with a tree tied up on it instead of a buck. ahh the giggles.

But seriously, looks like something i need to have for my own property and moving soil and trees around

The ranger may ask you if you have a Buck license for the rack of branches. The cart definitely has many possible uses.