A azalea tree/ and trident Maple

I bought a azalea tree at a bonsai yard sale. for 10 dollars. i live in the upper peninsula of the Bay area by the airport. I really got a two for one a azalea & Dwarf Trident maple. Then should I attempt the slicing of the two species? Can I bare root the trident M. ? Both plant are very weak. Any suggestion please…


Trident maple can be bare rooted. I would wait until early spring (late Feb in your area?) to do any repotting. Someone in your area might have better timing.

If both plants are very weak then I would nurse them back to health before doing anything. Post some pics if you can.

Here are some images of the trees.



Looks like both trees are in winter dormancy. At the first sign of bud push on the trident, re pot them both. Put the azalea in Kanuma and put the Trident in Akadama and let them grow in appropriate bonsai pots…go ez on the roots of the azalea. find the fronts , angles, etc.