Your opinions please

I am trying to decide if i am goung to air layer the top section of this korean hornbeam (at the straight no taper section) or try to thread graft a branch in hope for some taper once the graft takes and starts to grow. Give me your opinions,


An air layer seems to me like a good way to fix that. I don’t know if a wedge cut bend would work, or if it’s flexible enough, a raffia wrapped bend. If you’re happy with the height, I would try a bend or a garft before cutting. Pics after you decide would be awesome!

Kevin, l think you could do a number of air layers to get the most out of this tree.
First at the 3rd bend from the bottom where that little stub pointing straight up is located. There appears to be a branch on the left to become the new apex.
Second at the end of the straight upward growing trunk. Air layer at the top of this straight piece where the trunk continues and there are 3 smaller branches. A new clump. There is a natural apex off the trunk to the right.
Third just below the small bend in the trunk line to make a shohin.
l hope this is a little clearer than mud.


Thanks guys for your input, i will contemplate a little longer before i decide where to take it.

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