Wiring in Spring v. Fall

When it comes to wiring, what can be done in fall compared to spring? Particularly for pines. So far, I’ve stuck with wiring in fall, working on ponderosa and mugo. But I see in recent streams Ryan wiring in spring, including heavy structural bends. I went back through the library and rewatched some old streams but don’t see anything that provides an explanation. But I know he’s talked about it at different times. I’m trying to refresh my knowledge. Can you please help me understand what wiring can be done in spring and the horticultural elements to look for on the timing? And how that might differ from fall? Thank you.

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Wiring in Spring can have more potential to damage the tree than in the Fall. Once water transport has increased and the candles have started to push, you increase the chance of damaging new growth or even de-laminating branches on big bends. Ryan says that if your wiring skills are on point and you are disciplined in the application then it can be done. I think he’s also said this in the stream before about off-season wiring.


This is great. Thank you.

Just to add to “why” it’s not a good idea; with all of the water flowing it’s easy to separate the cambial layer from the xylem. Last year I styled my hinoki in June because I didn’t know any better. Separated the cambium. Branch go bye bye. Tears. :cry:


Yes, that’s what I meant by de-laminate.