What was your biggest thing to overcome?

Grudgingly giving up the things that have worked well for 40 years; and killing 40 year old trees. Then finding out WHY.
It is a harmonious SYSTEM, not a point change.
Sunset Magazine was only 40+ pages… Ignorence is bliss.
However, NOW I am BACK AGAIN to organic fertilizers, microbioms, and moss…:blush:

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Great summary @sparkytwobillion

You can find mine here: https://forum.bonsaimirai.com/t/why-i-hate-mirai/2724

I’m still only eight months into my own learning and practice.
I’ve killed one tree.
Struggling to keep four others alive.
And learning a ton.
What on earth are the alternatives to akadama?!

Only a few months in, overwatering for sure & learning to just let them grow. Be patient prune, wire etc. when best time for trees, not because I can’t stop myself…still not 100% there yet I’m afraid.