What is your favorite bonsai tree/species that you can't have?

Kind of an inverse of my previous wishlist question. What species of tree would you love to have but can’t have due to your climate, skills, etc? For me, rn, it’s Larch. I’m told that I can grow Golden Larch in my area, but all I can find online is seeds. :confused:

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Scott’s Pine. We don’t have cold enough winters.


limber pine not cold enough here either. I get my larch from
Brent Walston

I’ve visited this site before, but didn’t see any larch. Ryan confirmed my thoughts on how to handle larch in my area though. I’m going to have to skip the summer pruning and accept that I won’t have the finer ramification possible in cooler climates. I’m okay with that.

Sorry about that. I ordered mine about 8 years ago.

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