What can you do with and ugly graft point?

Hello, is our only option to bury the trunk up to the graft? The local nursery has some cute little scott’s pines and some kotobuki black pines but the grafts are kind of ugly, especially the JBP, looks like a big knuckle.

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Hi @sunnspot
A few suggestions

  • Cange the front.
  • Cover with soile or moss.
  • Tap it with a hammer to encourage thickness.
  • Plant it in the garden and hope it gets better, or have it as a landscape tree.
  • Appoach graft 2 year old seedlings above the graft to make a new root system.

I have tried all of these with varying success. I have also tried girdling with thick wire with no success.
If it was deciduous the answer would usually be an air layer.
Good luck. Do you have pictures?