Urban Yamadori Advice

Hi all,

Have previously completed successful collections of European Hornbeam from a woodland. However I need advice on this collection. I have got permission from the local council and land owners as the tree will be killed due to risk of damage to the wall.

Has anyone got any good tips on collecting a tree this close to a wall?

Many thanks!

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Probably not that different than usual, you can’t enter from the wall side so you need to dig a bigger hole from the accessible side. Bring pruning scissors and a saw to cut major roots. Most likely it will just fall from the wall, if there are roots going into the wall which I doubt or run along the wall (more likely). Carefully cut the from the side.


I woud start wider than normal, just outside the drip-line on all sides except the wall. Then on the wall side I would try to go “archeology style” if possible. Obviously this is a blanket statement without knowing what surprises the soil will have. Go slow dont over think it looks totally collectable

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Sorry what do you mean archaeology style? Gently moving in removing soil? It’s mainly the wall and how far the thick root/trunk extends

Here is a thread and I do NOT think you need to go this extreme. I mainly meant go slow and tease out what you can on the wall side.

Ahh I see. This was my plan and is what I did to collect my two European Hornbeam collected last February.

Thank you for the tips. I’ll try keep you updated

Sadly this now won’t be a concern.

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Oh no what happenend?

Seems the council forgot I was taking it and cut it back! Shame as they have touched it for 10 years!

What MONSTERS, sorry that is a shitty break…for you and the TREE


Maybe I’ll leave it a year and collect a tiny coppiced looking bonsai!

Nice start to connected root Forrest :cowboy_hat_face:
I had a similar plan for the this