Trident Maple Soil

What is the soil position foe trident maples? Is it 1.1.1 3.1.1. or all akadama

Its a 6-10 year old tree bought at a yard sale The variety is a dwarf T. Maple

thank you BD

Whats the stage of the tree? growth or refinement
? Soil type varies with what you want to do. Let me know and then I might be able to assist more.

I would use at least a 2:1:1 depending on your area. I use 3:1:1 in Central Texas and and my TMs do great. They dont need quite as much moisture retention as JMs. However, an all akadama substrate is perfectly fine for them, I use 60-80% akadama mix for them because I want the structure holding capacity of the lava/Pumice. I keep my TMs in full sun all year even during the +100° F weather during the summer. Mine do get water 3x per day. I protect them from sub 32° F cold spells as they don’t seem to tolerate the freezing as well as my JMs.


Not sure where you are, but the owner of this trident keeps it in full sun and lives in Lytle Creek, CA if you want to compare living conditions.

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He adds a portion of organic soil (Some type of succulent mix) to it to keep moisture and waters 2 to 3 times a day during the hotter times.