Timing of initial setting and repotting of a Hinoki

I would like to buy some nursery stock Hinoki and want to clarify the timing of initial setting and repotting.
I watched Ryan’s videos on Hinoki but couldn’t nail it down. So if I buy now, near end of summer I can do the initial styling. Then wait till spring a full 18 months before it’s first repotting or will fall be fine of the following year. He discussed having the foliage present to ensure good root growth. I also believe he said spring was the best time to repot?
Please, if someone could sort this out for me that would b great!

I believe any sort of conversation regarding timing of work will depend on the extent of the work. Typically, any sort of initial styling from a nursery or raw material will involve extensive cutbacks or bending. In such cases, you’d want it to have the following growing season before repotting(so yes 18 months). However, if you’re lucky enough to start with raw material that doesn’t require extensive work, it could possibly be repotted next spring(~6 months) if the remainder of this season(before winter hits) is enough for the tree to recover. So it’s really a question of how much work you’re planning to do on the tree and how well the tree recovers from it.

On a similar note, I believe Bjorn had addressed how he typically prefers to repot in the spring and then perform the initial styling the same year’s fall(assuming the tree does well through the growing season after the repot). Approaching it that way allows for a much shorter length of time.

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