Taxus Summer pinching

I have a Taxus Baccata that is in refinement. I pinched the new growth this spring and got amazing refining results. I then came back in early Summer and pruned back to inner growth to define the branches even further and push the size back in.
Here in England we have had very unnatural weather reaching 85F for 2 weeks with no rain. Due to this strange weather my Taxus is having a second growth. The growth is 1inch long already and back buds are starting to form.
My question is:

Should I pinch the growth again to direct the energy to inner growth and new buds forming as I have fed with a medium ratio. Or…
Should I let the tree run with no more feed until Fall to allow it to build up more energy to feed the inner buds (hopefully producing even more), then pinch again next spring to redirect the energy and come back Summer to push the growth back in and really start to define the tree?
I don’t know whether I should be using this unnatural regrowth to push the tree back in side and really fill it out. Or use it to pump more energy and build more resources, even tho I don’t want the tree thickening or expanding anymore.
Would pinching stop the energy forming and restrict its ability to form buds? or would it push the growth to new buds using all the re-accumulated energy from late spring/early summer?

Thank you very much


Hi @MichaelUK
If in doubt, grow it out.
My yews are in development, and I pinched a bit in the spring to maintain areas of silhouette. I’m also getting a good second push from that rarest of things, a UK summer. My plan is to prune back to buds when it has hardened off.
Incidentally, I found a lot of scale insects on the yew this year.