Spruce branch dying

The rest of this tree appears healthy, but all of the needles on this branch have turned yellow in the last few weeks. Is this just the tree giving up on an unproductive branch, or do I need to worry about it? This happened in a couple small pieces last year, but this is a much larger branch.

When did you wire the branch Brad?

I wired the whole tree this spring. This branch got the most gentle touch, but it’s also a lower branch so maybe that contributed. I forgot to mention that this was potted up for the first time this year, it was doing well in the collection box for a couple years

It is probably a combination of your spring repot and wiring. If I repot a tree in the spring I will not wire until around September. Wiring depending on how the tree responds after the repot. If the branch completely dies do not cut it off as it might make a very interesting jin down the road.

That’s definitely possible, though I’m not entirely satisfied by it. The tree responded really positively to the repot, I didn’t have to remove any roots, and the needles didn’t start to yellow until the normal time for old needles to senesce. Has anybody seen this particular pattern before? Maybe I’m just clutching at straws so as not to take the blame, but I’m also concerned that this could happen again next year if it’s something like borers.

Here’s a zoomed out view for context. It’s a back branch with the foliage only way out in the tips. I think it will actually look better as a jin, but again I’m concerned that this could be something more systemic.