Siberian Elm Bonsai leaf colour

My Siberian Elm Bonsai last year developed red / orangey leaves in certain areas. see photo.
I’ve noticed some of the leaves are now showing signs of this again.

Anyone seen this on their Siberian Elm before?

The trees leaves in general don’t seem to go as dark green as previous years.

Its been repotted last year in akadama and drainage is good.

Could be a bit of sunburn.

I seem to recall on the Asymmetry podcasts that akadama + organic fertilizer can push the Magnesium/Calcium ratio into the high Mg range so they have been supplementing with Ca and possibly Phosphorous. I have a few that are lighter green that previously and I plan to apply some bone meal (mostly CaPO4).

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Hey, thanks for taking the time to reply.
Its not had a great deal of sun this year.
I’ll look at the podcast . thank you