Sealing cuts -nuance?

Can anyone give experiential advice on sealing cuts on development material that is in a grow bag in the ground? Common knowledge seems to be in a bonsai container seal them, in the ground let them heal on their own, grow bag in the ground feels like an in-between? My instinct is …it depends on when and species but I would greatly appreciate any thought’s on i?t

Nailed it. It depends not only on when and species but area and opinion.

In the telperion farm podcast they said they’d only seal Japanese Maple in their location for pathogen reasons and leave the rest unsealed.

A grow bag in the ground is similar enough to being directly in the ground that I think you can treat them the same. That said… I still seal large cuts on all my deciduous pre-bonsai in bags for no real reason at all.

Much appreciated always nice to bounce assumptions off the experienced!

The only other thing to consider is how you want the tree to heal. If you are trying to get the. Cut to heal over then you will want a sealant which will help heal the wound. If you don’t then you might not need to seal it. I know that with pines releasing sap you can use dried sphagnum moss to seal it wound. I remember Ryan recommended it on a stream, but I haven’t a clue which one…

Thanks Grif, great call! I can’t recall the name of it myself but I do remember that stream. …thanks for that reminder!