Satsuki: watering and root rot

I have just finished watching the Peter Warren stream on pruning Azaleas ( for the 4th time ).
While I know they like water and moister conditions than many other bonsai. They are also prone to root rot. So at what point is liberal watering too much ?

Thanks in advance.

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Maybe potting them in 80% kanuma 20% pumice- like he said in the video provide the oxygen spaces to prevent rot??? I’m still a newbie, but at least this will get your post back to the top of the list for someone of experience to answer :slightly_smiling_face:

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@Lartamax azaleas do like alot of water but need a soil that not only drains well but needs to be able have the ability to hold the high nutritional needs of the azalea. That’s why you should use the kanuma and pumice mix. I grow several azaleas and I have two planted in straight kanuma. I do treat preventatively for pythium and phytophthora durning rainy periods of weather just to be safe. I use a product called Resyst (also sold as Reliant), it is mono and di potassium salts of phosphorusic acid.

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I have mine planted in 50% kanuma 50% pumice and it s doing great. The pumice helps with aeration and water retention plus it prevents the fast soil break down and therefore don’t have the need to repot it so often. This mix works well for my climate here in Switzerland. I am sure depending on the climate you would need to adjust the ratios.