Redwood forest moon of Endor at Legoland

During the stream this evening the topic of how cool it would be to set up some lego figures with that coastal redwood that Ryan was working on. I mentioned that in Legoland California resort they had a forest moon of Endor set up with some redwoods incorporated into the scene. Actually, the whole place is littered with many small bonsai tree species to create mini lego landscapes.

IMG_0679 IMG_0680 IMG_2190 IMG_1350 IMG_4635 IMG_4621 IMG_2321


As if I needed another reason to go to legoland. Thanks!


Haha! My son and I have been working on and collecting pieces for a Lego Tokomoma :grin: and display stand too! :grin::grin:
We’re hoping we could get it done next year. Swim meets and school keeps getting in the way…
We had considered the Ninjago sets. Still too small.

Here’s what we’re planning on.