Pruning to avoid inverse taper (nursery stock)

Hello from South Australia!
Question for the brainstrust on pruning nursery stock in late spring: Should I prune this late in spring to avoid /reduce inverse taper? Just acquired some nursery stock to play with - a banksia integrifolia w a beautiful curling base (clearance at 8 bucks!) and a woolly bush. However, there is very heavy branching with some areas esp on the banksia starting to develop inverse taper. My understanding is that in development, the spring growth flush should be left untouched and major pruning shd be done late winter but my concern is that this may continue to accentuate the inverse taper. So… should I prune now? Or should I wait and if so, any thoughts on when may be the best time to cut back?

Thanks in advance


You will have to sacrifice some flowers. I would take off one of those large branches for this year then one next year and so on until you have the desired amount.