Positive energy juniper styling

Hi guys. I have watched alot of Morais streams on positive energy state and my juniper is now in that positive energy state. As we come into summer here in Australia is now a good time for me to do some hard pruning and fixing some structure flaws in my juniper

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Hey Mick!
I quickly looked through the Mirai library and it appears that most streams on styling a juniper take place at midsummer. So if you can wait a little longer until all the growth of your juniper has finished elongating, hardened off and had time to gain back all the energy it took to grow you should be right in the wheelhouse to do big work on your tree. Here are some great, juniper-specific, videos for inspiration.


Bonsai hard,



Definitely wait until your mid summer. It’s taken a lot of energy to get growing so now it’s replacing it all. You could weaken it if you style too early.

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Thanks guys for the reply. I have been a little confused with the Juniper pruning in later spring to doing it in mid summer

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