Oak tree growing tips and care

Hi guys I just bought a new oak tree
It was growing under a shade cover
When I arrived home I placed it in full sun
( In my balcony I have direct sun starting at mid day )
Now the new shoots look sad
Should it grow in the shade ?
What am I missing here ?

Also when can I proon an oak tree ?

Thank k you


Doesn’t look too bad! From here, it looks like fast/ new growth!
Is it still in a black plastic pot? Hot? Cover the pot for now, check soil moisture. Did you fertilize heavy?
Where are you, temperature, and maybe species?
You can clip end buds now. Wait for new growth hardening to trim more back. Always leave 1 to 3 leaves.
Different species than I torture. Ask forum for specifics.
Watch Mirai decideous videos!


Thank you !
To answer your questions :

  1. Yes it is new growth
  2. Yes it still in the black plastic pot
  3. I leave in IL so it is about 35-48 c
  4. It is a Quercus ithaburensis

So to see if I understood your answer below
I can clip the new growth now
Wait for the new shoots to harden and then clip some more if needed


Clip just the end bud , to keep the shoot from elongating. Otherwise it will be 2 feet long…
Lets see… 35-48 C is about 95-118 F. Ouch. Hasn’t hit 83 F here in the Pacific NW. Yet. Soil temps above 95 will fry roots.
Oak …Beech family … leaves threw me… cool.


Tree still looks happy in this picture! I would monitor moisture levels of the soil a tad closer during the first hotter, windier, and sunnier days of this late spring/early summer season.

According to the International Oak Society, Quercus ithaburensis in nature is drought tolerant and loves the sun! (Link below)


Out of curiosity, from where did you buy this tree?




thank you, i will try to keep the container cool so the roots wont fry

thank you I will check the link you sent.
I moved it to a bright location out side but not under direct sun and he is now looks happier.
I will move it to direct sun in steps just in case.

bought it from a local nursery.