Long Leaf Pine (Pinus Palustris) Re-Pot

Looking for some advice on the re-pot of this long leaf pine. I’m currently looking for a bonsai container for this tree. Seems to me, the limiting factor will be the depth of the container as I shouldn’t remove more than 30-40% of the current nursery soil as I will be leaving this tree to grow so it can produce branching below. How shallow of a container should I consider?IMG_0327

Holy cow! No one can ever complain about the length of ponderosa needles again!.. lol!

To answer the thread though, Cj, I think your best bet may be to watch the Live stream covering re-potting of nursery stock. You may actually be further ahead to remove more than 30-40% of the original soil to have more potting options and still be able to accomplish your back-budding.

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I wanted to try my hand at a Florida native. It’s a wild child for sure. It’s needs some vertical growth still and hopefully some lower buds and branches will begin. I have a cousin of this tree as well, a recently collected loblolly. The loblolly has a ton of branching below.

The loblolly is “emitting” from the lower portion of the trunk and below from the soil near one of the major roots, what appears to be a copper colored or orange looking material. After closer inspection, it’s not leaching from the soil rather falling from the bark. I scraped away the majority of it, the pic shows just a small sample Anyone know what this is ? I found what looks like a spider nest under the bark?

I’m noticing some browning of needles, especially at the bottom. Normal? Drying out?

I’m pronouncing it: time of death 03/15/2018 12:24 AM. The Loblolly is officially gone. I will be performing forensics to see what was really in the sand and what amount of roots was present.