Living Christmas Trees for Bonsai

Got this Scotts Pine and Bosnian Pine (know nothing about this species but the wife fell in love with it). Picked both because of the movement in the trunk. They’ll be decorated for Christmas then begin their bonsai journey in the spring.

Anyone know anything about Bosnian Pines? Also, feel free to share any Christmas Trees you picked up for bonsai use.


l have one Tac and it seems to be a very slow grower. Maybe l’m doing something wrong.


I found a thread from last year where someone said they thought it was a single flush pine, is that the way you’re treating it? If it is a single flush, but you’re treating it like a multi-flush that could slow its growth down.

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l agree that the tree as a single flush pine. However l tried to treat it as a tree in development. After putting it into a bonsai pot, l pruned for the rough shape and then left the tree alone to grow. l think l should have just potted the tree and not do the pruning l should have used the foliage mass to re build the roots.

I made the same mistake with a Scotts Pine, repotted and did structural pruning. The tree did not like it. This year I’m not touching the foliage.