Korean Maple (acer pseudosieboldianum)

Anyone have experience building ramification/shortening internodes on Korean maple?
I found myself with this monster, but info on a. pseudosieboldianum has been pretty hard to come by… the massive size lends itself to the bigger leaves and longer internodes, but getting them shorter would help :rofl:


The feedback I have gotten on most maples is that the respond well to being cut back and some level of partial defoliation. I found this to be true with paperbark maple (A. griseum) which also tends to grow long and lanky. I would probably start by cutting back the branches that don’t need to be longer/bigger for a potential design to see how it reacts. It has been hybridized with A. plamatum to create a more cold hardy tree according to Wikipedia - Acer pseudosieboldianum - Wikipedia - so I would expect similar behavior and that you might be able to partially defoliate including cutting the off the outer portions of the remaining leaves to force a big response. However, with that trunk, I would experiment with cutback in increasing severity to see how it responds.

Let’s see how it responds to this!